Budget Minded Camping, Loading for the multi day trip.

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I certainly hope you guys have enjoyed the past three weeks as much as we have. Again, we are super impressed with the luggage we have been blessed to get from VikingBags.com

This is a really nice set of luggage for the money. I am pleased with the stiff sides that these bags offer. One of the benefits to the metal panniers is they hold their shape, this makes loading and unloading so much easier when you are not fighting the bags to stay open etc. Since these bags are still soft bags, you do not have to worry about the common hazards associated with the metal bags, and that is a fall over, and breaking a trapped leg. The soft bags are a lot less likely to break your leg in a fall over, but the relatively stiff sides, help the bags keep their shape.

Enough about some of the additional perks of these bags, lets get them packed up for a multi day trip. I have included a video in this series and if you would like to see the video that accompanies this blog post, feel free to click this link. 

What to Take

As you can see here in the photo above, there luggage is all loaded out on the DRZ-40oS

Starting from the Tank bag, we will go through some of the things you may want to include in your load out. Keep in mind that the things associated with the bags in this blog are all options and nothing is set in stone. You can pack your bags however you want and keep in mind that packing the heavier itmes to the center and the bottom, you do not want your bags to be top heavy and upset your ride.

Some of the items we typically carry in a tank bag are the things you will need close, here is a few things we keep up front.

  • Air Gauge
  • Batteries
  • Go Pro tripod, accessories etc.
  • Snacks


On this load out we put the sleeping bag in the tail bag, and you could put some other items in there as well. One of the things I would like to point out real quick is, the use of dry bags. We did not mention this in the videos, but I think it would be very important to use Dry Bags on anything you may be afraid of getting wet or dirty from dust. These bags all come with rain covers that may well work great in a parked condition, but I think it would be safer to error on the side of caution when dealing with clothing, electronics etc, and keep them on a dry bag, this will also aid in keeping your luggage organized. Here is a link to some of the dry bags we have been using and are very pleased with them.

This is the  link to the Yukon Dry Bags. One of the things I love about these dry bags, is they are clear and you can actually see into the bag to see what is in it. There is nothing like going on a trip and packing all your different items in the same colored bag and opening each and everyone of them up hoping to find your tooth paste, or rain coat, or whatever else, you do not want to spend that much time looking for one simple thing.


Then lastly the saddle bags are a great place to pack your heavier items and things you wont need as often as the other items. Here is a short list of some of the things to think about as well as think about how you are going to pack them so keep the weight as low as possible etc.

  • Tools, Tool Roll
  • Air compresor, Tire Changing tools, patches, extra tubes etc.
  • Camping gear, Water filters, etc.
  • Cook Gear, Stoves, pots, pans, cups, coffee dry pack meals. etc.
  • Clothes, Extra clothes for a couple of days is normal and if need be, wash a set while wearing the other set, you can hang them out to dry. Synthetic clothes dry faster and are easier to wash in a sink as well. So look for easy to clean and dry clothes so your not spending all your free time doing laundry.

Again, this is a very basic list of things you may want to bring with you on your multi day trips, but keep it simple and don’t over pack. Over packed bikes are dangerous and you want to have a fun trip, not be worried.

One last thing I will make mention of is Suspension. I can give you an example of the DRZ-400s comes from the factory set up for roughly a 150 pound person. If you are over this weight and you will be packing a bike with an extra 50-75 pounds worth of gear, you may well want to have your suspension fixed by a certified suspension mechanic. We are blessed here in Oklahoma City area with Mikes Suspension Shop. If you are in this area of Oklahoma you can find his Website, by clicking here.

Mike has been doing suspension for dirt bikes, and race bikes for years and is currently helping all of us in the ADV community by fixing our suspension etc. He has replaced the factory Springs on our DRZ as well as our Africa Twin. You can check by a quick google search and find out what the carry capacity is of your bike. Again, an overloaded bike is a dangerous bike and you don’t want to start out your trip unsafely. So be cautious in what you plan to take and make sure your bike is rated for the extra weight.

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Again, thanks for taking the time to come check out our blog, and if you feel there is something left out in this short list, feel free to leave a comment below. Tell us something you take with you on your Moto-Caping Trips and or your favorite piece of gear you always take with you. We love to hear from you. Thank you, and have a blessed week.

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Budget Minded Moto Camping, The Saddle Bags.



Continued from last week, This week we will introduce you to the saddle bags we picked for our budget minded camping trip.


Starting from the top This set of bags, is still part of the matching set designed for the Sport Bike or Sport Touring bikes. The are made to mount to your bike with or with our the luggage racks. You can see in the image above the straps going across the Roto-Paks Are adjustable to fit a wide variety of width bikes. Although the Bags are designed to be used with or with out the luggage racks, A word of caution needs to be used, if the bags are resting on plastic, use extra care not to scratch the plastic. Riding in normal circumstances, you may go through dust, city, bugs etc and the bags rubbing on the the debris and it being on top of your plastics, increase the chances of your plastic becoming scratched. If you google, Kayak protection, you can find one sided sticky plastic sheeting that you can cut to fit under your saddle bags to avoid scratching your plastics if you are worried about it. Obviously on the muffler side, make sure your bags are not resting on the muffler. With so may of the newer sport bikes having exhaust under the seat this it not a problem like it was a few years back.


In this image you can see the top of the bag has two zippers joined by a red colored ribbon, The sippers will unzip at the same time when you pull the res ribbon. You can also see in the closed position, the zippers are in the back of the bag, so if you are riding past tress, or objects that could catch on the bags, they will close the bag, not pull the zippers open if they zip closed to the front. This is a nice added feature and bonus.


You can see the red zipper ties I was talking about previosulys on the left hand side of this opened bag in this image. But the One thing I want to point out in this image is the nice big opening on these bags with the top pulled back. I really like how the bag has the firm sides that allow it to stay open when nothing is in the bags, this will make packing and unpacking the bags so much easier. If you ever ever tried to pack stuff in a pillow case then you know what I am taking about, having the firm sides, hold the bags open makes life so much easier when packing. especially if you are in a hurry, i.e. rain coming rain here etc.

The Saddle bags also come with the straps and rain covers,. I have not had time to get them out in the rain yet, so I can not say how well they will work if you was actually riding in a rain storm versus having them on the bags parked while it is raining. I will hopefully get the chance to test them out soon and have a report for you.


Another Handy feature, if you forget to zip your bags, the flaps will fold back and hopefully hold your stuff in your bags, but it is obvious the design of the bags is to hold your stuff securely when properly zipped and closed. Nicely done by Viking Bags I might add. The carry capacity of these bags are quite nice as well. They will Hold 22 Liter per side in the normal position and 26 Liter per side in the Expanded position. The image above shows the bags in the expanded position.


Again one of the coolest features I really love about this set of luggage is how you can clip the Tail bag to the Saddle bags using the clips that come standard with the Tail bag and the Connectors come standard on the Saddle bags, so it make a really nice clean fit paired together.


Again, this is just showing the back side of the bags clipped together using the stock clips and straps that come standard on the tail bag and saddle bags to marry them together. I love how clean this fits and how nicely it comes together as a nice complete package, while still not straining the bank or your wallet.


Again these bags are available from http://www.VikingBags.com and the saddle bags featured in this article along with the video listed above is part of their sport bike, sport touring bike bag selection. I have to say this is a fun set of luggage. I like how it all matches up and looks really nice on the bike together.

HDS SIgn 450

Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on next weeks show and tell series. We are going to continue this mini series one more week and show you how we use this luggage to pack for a multi day trip using nothing but this luggage.

Thanks again for all your likes and comments. If you would like to add some of your favorite budget friendly moto camping gear, pease leave a comment below, as always we love to hear from you and we hope you have a blessed week.

Budget Minded ADV Camping, Tank Bag


We have recently been asked about Moto Camping, more specifically how to do it on a budget. So with the help from the folks at http://www.VikingBags.com and some creative thinking we were able to come up with a solution that will help the most budget consciencious person, be able to step into the world of Moto Camping on a Budget.

As many of you know Angie and I love to camp. We spend many a afternoons setting up camp anywhere from setting up our camper for off grid comping to hammock camping in remote areas. With this love for camping, it did not take us long to realize, how much more affordable it is to do it off your motorcycle. It opens up so many more options being able to go further for less money, after all that is half the fun of motorcycle ownership is exploration.

Teaming up with VikingBags.com, we decided to do a mini series on affordable budget minded ways to equip your motorcycle for multi-day trips, and of corse camping off the motorcycle. One thing I want to point out real fast is the luggage we chose. The Luggage we chose to use for this mini series is made more for the sport bike, or sport touring bike. I want to point out in this series, we are going to be showing you the luggage on a Dual Sport motorcycle, and more importantly you can use what you need to stick to your budget even if it is not specifically made for the style of bike you have. We are purposefully showing this sport touring luggage on a dual sport, because that is the bikes we currently have, but if we change bikes to suit a different riding style, the luggage can still remain the same.

First up for this series is a Tank Bag. The common tank bag has really changed the motorcycling world. It is widely used on many bikes made today. It is very handy to have so many more things at your fingertips readily available.

Some of the things we carry in the tank bag, change for toll booths, quick cash for gas and snacks. Snacks in general, maps, and commonly used tools such as a flash light, tooth pick, tire pressure gauge etc. Having these items in reach not only while riding makes the trip go by smoother, it is also handy to have them quickly if needed for a quick stop while on the road.

The chosen bag for this first part of the mini series, is the Viking 14 Large tank bag. This is a large bag, it will hold 14 liters of stuff. With it being a magnetic bag, it is easily taken off to fuel and or carry in when you go in to grab lunch or dinner. I know a lot of my riding buddies actually leave their wallet, cash and credit cards, in tank bags and carry the bags in when stopping for lunch etc.


The Viking bag comes with a rain cover as well as straps to use it as a mini backpack if you do not want to carry it with the convenient carry handle. (You can see the carry handle in the image above) I personally will not use it as a pack pack. What I have discovered, if you are on rough back roads, you can use the included straps to tie the tank bag to your bike for added security in offload situations.


This bag has two zipper pockets, one on each side, and one in the front. Again, these are smaller sized pockets, that would be perfect for a multi tool, change for tolls, loose cash, id, insurance cards, small flash lights etc.


Once you open up this bag, you will see it has organizer style zip up pockets, along with a huge open area for your bigger times.

IMG_5562.JPG(As you can see in this picture, there is the straps inside the bag, that are included)

Upon initial inspection of this tank bag straight out of the box, I found that it appears to be well built for the money. I was surprised to see it has the side stiffeners to help it hold its shape. The sides feel very stiff, so I would think it will hold its shape for years to come if it is taken care of. I will say that initially, the main zipper was tough to slide all the way around. After looking at it closer, it appeared there was a string from sewing stuck in a portion of the zipper. It also appears, the box the item was shipped in was a hair on the small side so when the box was folded shut for shipping, it bent the bag and zipper slightly to make it tougher to use.

This might be something that can be corrected from the manufacture and again, it made it tough to zip past the bend. (It may be a single issue and not be a problem with all the bags, but again, it was not something that would make me think, the bag or zipper will not hold up from normal use.) I can also say that the other three bags, (which a review will follow over the next few weeks) did not have any issues with the zippers working correctly, so this may well be an isolated issue with the model we received.

One last thing before we wrap this portion of the blog up, I will say this. This bag is large enough it could be used as a tail bag as well, and it is large enough to hold an enormous amount of equipment, tools, spare tubes etc. Again, part of being a budget minded adventure, thinking outside of the box is part of the fun. Making it work to fit your needs is what it is all about, but don’t think just because this is made for a sport touring motorcycle, it cant be used on your bike regardless of what style of bike it is.

Again, this is the initial review of this product and as time allows we will try to post a follow up post on a long term review of this tank bag. I would also like to encourage you to subscribe to this blog. We do this blog to bring you additional information not covered by our YouTube channel and not covered on our social media pages. So thanks in advance if you decide to subscribe to our blog.

If you would like to learn more about this bag, we have a video posted on our YouTube channel and it can be found by clicking here.

If you would like to purchase the Viking Tank bag, you can click here 

Thanks again for taking the time to read our blog and if you have any questions, please post them as comments below. Also, if you would like to see a topic we have not already covered, please let us know what you would like to see us cover.

Budget Minded ADV Camping, The Tail Bag


Last week we started a New Mini Series on Budget minded ADV camping. This mini series started after being asked by a few people we know who are looking for ways to start Moto-Camping but need something a little more Budget Friendly. This could also be a good way for someone who is wanting to try ADV Moto Camping and not get hit with a huge bill just to see if they like it.

After teaming up with http://www.VikingBags. com, we selected a nice set to be a benchmark test. We agreed to do a short video series as well as a blog about each one of  the bags. I hope that you enjoy how this mini series is coming along as we delve into the Tail Bag.

The Indian Viking Sport Tail Bag is the one we picked out for equipping the motorcycle. It  is a relatively large tail bag that is actually big enough to hold a large sleeping bag as well as other items. (See video at Heartland Dual Sport on youtube.)


This large Tail bag is 23 liters as standard and it will expand to 29 liters. It has two zippers on both sides of the bags to open up the expansion of each side to make it 29 liters. I really like that the side of these bags are preformed to hold its shape. It helps with loading and unloading.

It also has small pockets on each side of the tail bag that would be a good place for smaller items you made need to get to to, such as air gauge, lighters, small pliers, or multi tool. These smaller pockets keep you from loosing the smaller items in the large cargo area, and keep them well organized as well.


As with he bak bag, when you open this bag you will find the protective rain cover inside along with the carry strap. It also has the smaller zipper pockets that are a great place to carry small items such as the batteries for your go-pro and or flash lights. head lamps, or anything small you need quick access to. I have found the zippers work really well. They appear to be relatively heavy duty.


Since the bag is a large open space inside it will be easy to load up how ever you see fit. We will be doing a full load out video at the end of this series for more ideas on what you may want to include when you get ready to take your first moto camping trip.


Looking at the bottom of the bag yo can see the 4 connection points, I have actually undone one in this image. The cool thing about these 4 clips is this. They will actually connect to the saddle bags, (next week). If you do not have the saddle bags you can use the supplied bungee cords to attach it to your motorcycle. It is hard to tell from this picture, but that bottom also comes off and you could mount it under a sport bike seat and then attach the bag to that, I don’t have a sport bike to show this to you, but this entire collection of bags is specifically designed for a sport bike, our purpose is to show you how to use it on your dual sport and how you can make it work for you.


As you can see in this image you can see the bungee cord and we actually used it to connect the bag to the PMR Racks we have on our DRZ-400s. One of the good things about the Bungee system you can tie knots in the end of the bungee to make it shorter if need be to make it a tighter fit. With it mounted on the top of the roto pax gas can, it seamed to fit nicely, not too loose and not too tight.


Again, if you have not checked out our video of this tail bag yet, I would love to encourage you to do so. You can click the picture above and it will take you to the video. Again. Than you for all your comments, likes and shares and I hope you all have a blessed week. If you have not subscribed to our blog or channel I would love to talk you into dong so now so you don’t miss out on the matching saddle bags next week.

We have include a link to the Viking Tail Bag, (Click Here)

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🌤 Sunset Panther Pavilion Parking Lot • Fort Worth, Texas 🇨🇱 02-18-2017

Some Beautiful Work from a good friend of mine.

Lone Star Rider

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Budget Minded ADV Camping


I am super excited to announce to you a new mini series here at Heartland Dual Sport.

We have been asked a few times about moto-camping on a budget. So we have teamed up with Viking Bags to come up with a great solution that answers this question. This new mini series of blogs and videos we will be publishing over the next four weeks. .

I want to give a special thank you to Viking Bags, for working with us and allowing us this opportunity to assist the viewers. I am super excited to announce the first of this series of videos will go live tomorrow morning, so when you wake up there should be a video already live on our YouTube channel, as well as additional information in this blog about the first item in this mini series.

Again, I want to give a special thanks Viking Bags for this opportunity. It is going to be a fun series of videos and blogs. Be sure to check them out at www.VikingBags.com

I hate for any of you to miss out, so if you have not already subscribed to our channel or our website, I would love to talk you into doing that, ps… its free…

Use Coupon Code VDAY for an additional 10% off this week.

Thank you all, and may you have a blessed week.

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