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BioLite Solar Home 620


As most of you know by now, we have an off grid cabin in Southeastern Oklahoma. During the past year (2018) we have made many videos as well as ran out of time to actually get them uploaded in a timely manner. Job change, life etc.


So in this post, I am not only sharing with you the initial video of the Biolite Solar Home 620 as well as give you a 9 month review on this product and how it has helped our lives at the off grid cabin. If you would like to watch the initial video of this product you can click this link. That link will take you to our YouTube page and if you haven subscribed yet I would love to talk you into doin so.

9 Month Review on the Biolite Solar Home 620
We purchased this unit back in March of 2018 and took it to the off grid cabin (still a work in progress, more on that later.) It comes in a nice looking box, we purchased ours from Amazon.

Install was very easy. It comes with a small Solar Charger that we put on the roof of the mini cabin and then ran the wire bundle into the attack of the mini cabin. The Main unit was placed near the front door. This is a good place for us to monitor the Panel, as well as lay the MP3 Music or listen to the FM radio that comes built in the unit.

Since everything is pretty well fool proof, there is no real wiring to be done, it is all plug and play and simple, you can’t plug stuff in the wrong way. Once you determine where you want the unit, the lights, and the switches, you can have your system installed in less than 30 minutes.

The unit comes with the clips and small nails so you can keep the wire bundles nailed to the walls ad or hidden behind the walls. It is a very simple and clean install process.

In the past 9 months, the unit has worked flawlessly. I will say for the money and effort involved it is a very well priced item that is holding up nicely to our off grid cabin use, all summer long. As the weeks of summer past by and fall was approaching, we noticed the heavier cloud cover and shorter daylight days where taking a tole on the charge time of the unit.

We took my father down to the cabin for the first time in June. We left the one light near his cot, on low all night so he could get up with out tripping over the ladder to the upstairs. In case nature called in the middle of the night.


Again, this unit worked great all summer. If I was able to change a few things, I would like to see a little bit bigger solar panel as well as a hair larger battery could be included. But I also know that would make this unit a little more pricey, and I am happy with what it is doing for 150 bucks. I Know I have mentioned the low daylight charging, but the system would still work a single light for over 6 hours at half charge. It just struggled to get the battery fully charged on the shorter cloudy days.

  • PROS:
    Fast Shipping
    Easy to Instal
    Works as expected
    Reasonable price for everything it does, Lighting, Charging via USB, FM radio, etc
    Light weight, would work great in a tent or small RV, Jeep, Etc
    *** You area actually Helping others in need with your purchase from BioLite, they help families over seas with home lighting for each unit sold here in the US. Check out their website for more information on this.
  • Cons:
    Battery Life in Inclimate Weather and or Low Light Days of Fall., For the price point this is still acceptable and not really something I would harp on, since we are still using the lights even into winter now.

So our final thoughts on this unit, it is truly a great lighting option for off grid cabins on a budget. When you figure it cost over a hundred bucks for gas and groceries to even get to the cabin, the cost of one trip will provide you with lighting for the next year at the very least, and I expect it will last several years with that being said.

We get a lot of storms on the mountain, High Winds, some hail, sleet, ice, etc and the unit is still performing nicely. Obviously if it is covered with ice and snow it will not charge because the sun will be blocked out, and on that note, if you watch in the video, our cabin is covered and surrounded by trees, so I don’t think even in full summer daylight, it doesn’t get a full charge all day long due to the partial shading of some of the trees.

Again, I think this unit would work great in a Tent as well as a Cabin, We will be adding a tent to our channel soon. I am not too sure I won’t be getting another Biolite SolarHome 620 for our new tent. If you would like to Purchase a Biolite for your cabin or tent, you can click this link to be taken to the AMAZON store.


I will try to add the Video below, if it doesn’t work Click this Link if you want to see the Biolite Solar Home in Action.




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Kicker PRWA 415 Installed.

As many of you know the Jeep Wrangler JKU Willy is not known for its sound system from the factory. In fact, it works fine until you take the top off and drive at speed. After taking the wife on a short trip with just the freedom top off, we both agreed, the stereo system needed an upgrade. IMG_0810.JPEG

After I got home, I started looking for a possible upgraded system to install in our Jeep. I seen everything from 1000 dollar stereo units with GPS etc. It wasn’t until I located the Kicker audio system upgrade, made and dedicated to the Jeep Wrangler that I got excited.


This Kicker PWRA 415 is a vehicle specific Kit that included everything you need to get the best sound our of your Jeep Wrangler. This kit is specific to not only the 4 Door Wrangler, but the 2017 year model as well. Link to this kit we purchased Make sure you order the kit for your specific year model Jeep and the style of jeep 2 door or 4 door.

The Kit includes two amps, that plug directly into the non alpine factory stereo. My guess is this, if you already have the alpine `stereo, you may not be looking for an upgrade anyhow. One amp is for the factory speakers, and one amp is for the 10″ sub that comes in Molded Box to fit behind the passenger seat and locks into the child restraint device so the big sub wont be bouncing around on even the roughest terrain.

It also comes complete with the wiring harness that plugs directly into the factory stereo. Using this plug and play option gives you the confidence to instal this unit yourself with no worries about getting the wires crossed, tracking down the wires to each individual speakers etc.

We received our Kicker Kit and decided to go ahead and replace all 4 of the factory speakers, while we was doing this upgrade to our Jeep, figure go ahead and do it all at once. We purchased the Kicker CSC65 6.5″ speakers to go in the factory sound bar as well as the two speakers at your knee. Link to these speakers.



Image Provided by Kicker – Amazon Link Above.

One thing I will cation you on if you are debating installing this system, If you like it loud with a fair amount of Kick to the base, you may not want to get out of the vehicle. I have even noticed at times, I am wanting to go drive “Belle Star” (Our Jeep) just to listen to the music. We also purchased the little Speaker adapter plate and the Speaker wire adapters, so it would all screw in and pug in directly to the factory mounts and wires. This made the instal that much nicer and since they clip on you will not need to spice wires.



Kicker, has a series of 4 videos dedicated to the installation of this system. We watched  this series of videos the night before we installed our system and again right before we went out into the garage to install it all. The installation went smooth and was not bad on time considering we are not sounds system specialist, we are just folks who love good music. I think it took us about 4 hours to get this unit installed. I will also say since it was a plug and play system that came with all the hardware to install it correctly, it went in and fits like a glove.

I have posted a video on this Product, and my thoughts on it as well. You can view the video on YouTube. By clicking this link. 

We are members of the Red Dirt Jeep Club out of Oklahoma City, so if you ever want to hear what this sound system is like, feel free to meet up with us at one of the scheduled events, or contact us and we will demo it for you.


We recently found an additional speaker upgrade while visiting Extreme Terrain’s Website. The Speaker system we located on their site, comes with One amp,  two enclosures, 2 Kicker Speakers and 2 Kicker Tweeters. I am going to get with my friends and Kicker and see if this is something we can install along with the PWRA 415. I think I may be able to splice into the wires that are going into the Kicker Sub Woofer Amp for the input on this system. I am not sure, but I will keep y’all posted if I can make this work with what we already have installed.


Image from Extreme Terrain Website.


These speakers and enclosures mount to the factory roll bars behind the passenger seats of the Jeep Wrangler JKU, Image from Extreme Terrain Website

I know at this point it is not about need, but how fun would this be to add just a touch more sound to the Jeep, especially on Date Night at the drive in theater.

Initial Review of this System
***** 5 Stars *****

After having this system in our Jeep for a little over two weeks and putting on roughly a thousand miles of riding around and listening to music from our play list I have to say this. The system is very clean and clear sound with some kick to the base. You can still control the amount of base with the factory Base Levels built into the Jeep stereo Head Unit. Using the controls for Base, Treble, Ect, you can control the overall quality of the sound that you desire. Since this entire kit is flashed from the Factory for your Jeep, it is amazing how well the sound quality is inside the vehicle.

I have listened to everything from country, classic, classic rock, to metal head banging music and I am super impressed with the system. It does not have that cheap stereo sound with static and since it is all pre wired to fit, no issues with wire connections etc when on rough surfaces.

It all works better than I had thought it would. I will also go onto say, I am not a Kicker Audio Sponsored channel or blogger. I will say I wish I was, but I have owned Kicker products since I was a kid in school. I have always loved their equipment, I wish I still had my original Kicker box from high school. It was mounted behind my seat of my truck and would rock the entire truck,. Good times ahead with the new system and I will keep you posted as we continue to use this system in our Jeep. I will have to Give this system a 5 Star Rating as it stands right now.

IMG_5264 2.JPG

Thanks again for all the continued support of our online Blog and I hope you all have a blessed week. I would also like to take this time to ask you to follow along, If you like the Jeep and Jeep mods we will be adding more as time allows. I again appreciate you all and I Hope you have a blessed week.



Striker Custom Fastback Takedown Recurve Review


NOTE: I mention BIG Jim in the video, His name is Actually Grizzley Jim, not BIG JIM, BIG JIM makes his own bows, one of the best bow makers in the USA, He does not need a Striker Bow. So Sorry, I got my Jim’s Mixed UP, The Striker Bow I refer to is actually the Grizzley Jim.

Striker Fastback Custom Take Down Recurve Review

Purchased this last year, in September, Had over 30 days in the field with it. Over 60 days of shooting it. 

Striker Fastback Custom Take Down Bow.  Link to Bow Purchased.


Bow Specs

  • 55#@28″
  • 60″ Length
  • Right Handed
  • Recurve Limbs
  • Riser – Two-Tone Charcoal and Cocobolo
  • Riser striping – Black / Maple / Black
  • Limbs – Cocobolo
  • Overlays – Cocobolo on Maple

Need to back up and explain why I was wanting a new Hunting Bow. 

  • I was looking at a recurve because they are faster than a long bow,
  • I wanted a little more poundage than the 50 Pound Bear bow that I had hunted with the year prior, anticipating a possible Elk Hunt in the future, 
  • I wanted a bow with a little more Pull, as well as a Bow I could possibly buy additional Limbs for, to up the poundage even more for an elk Hunt. 
  • Needs to be Lightweight, Packing way back in the woods on Public Land.
  • Durable, hold up well in wet conditions, lots of fall rain here,. 
  • Tough Enough to be able to be thrown around at camp, tough enough to handle dust, dirt, grime, sand, weeds, limbs, sticks etc, Rough environments while out in the field pursuing your game of choice. 
  • Buy a good one, Cry Once, One that will fit the bill for a nice hunting bow the rest of your life. Spend the xtra money now, saves money down the road. 



Fit the needs I was looking for, 

  • Beautiful, Unique more of a one of kind bow over some of the other brands.
  • Recurve = Speed
  • Take down, for easier transport, Possible Flights etc.
  • Option to purchase different weight limbs.
  • Hair longer so should be less finger pinch. 
  • Hair Longer should be better performance in the Field as well, More forgiving in certain situations. 
  • Can run fast flight string for quicker performance
  • Comes with a one year warranty….? Or DOES it..?

I like many others, go to YouTube for my reviews, look for additional reviews by folks who have spent their hard earned money on a product and give full fair honest reviews, that is half the fun of YouTube 
So Looking for reviews on the Striker Bows, I came across Big Jims Channel who shoots Striker Bows. He has done several reviews on the bows from Striker and has since had a bow Named after Him that you can get from Striker. 

SO watching Big Jims video, you can see him do a box Opening on a bow that cost not quite half as much as the FastBack Custom you see in from of you right now, 


  • Slow Shipping, took a week from time of order to even put in the mail box, They did send an apology letter stating that the reason for the delay was waiting on a string, and also stated, they will ship the string ASAP when they get one in. The said we have included a string that is 2” too long, just twist it up a bunch to get it to fit…..? Really, in stock bow,, that cost this much and the huge delay was 1 $15.00 string..?

Big Shout out to 60X strings. They were able to send me a string that fit my bow next day. got it in my hand in the mail which is slow, in less than 2 days from time of order, online, I didn’t request fast shipping, they just ship fast and take care of the customers, sent it priority mail, had it in my hand and on the bow, which I might add, voids the factory warranty. 


Back to the Con’s

  • Along with Shipping, you will see if you watch Big Jims Bow inboxing videos, you will see the bow shipping in a really cool box, custom fit foam, with the trays for all the extras, Arm Guard, Shooting Glove, Tab, String that fit the Bow, Tools to put the bow together, etc.. 
  • Box with bow inside a sock. ?
  • Warranty is only valid when you fill out the paper work
  • Also states in the warranty they will void warranty if the bow is shot with another makers string, IE only valid with their strings, but they didn’t ship it with a string that will work. 
  • Arrow rest, cheap junk velcro type rest, Although I can say it will last forever, because it was junk I took it off after breaking an arrow using it. 
  • Not a true center shot riser, 
  • Arrow Shelf so narrow you will loose a lot of arrows in the stand. 
  • Not being center shot, takes longer to get tune the arrow flight,. Not an easy thing to do for a beginner in archery. 
  • Extra Limbs Expensive, you can buy a Big Jim Bow for only a couple hundred bucks more and get more in your kit that an extra set of limbs. 
  • ITS EXPENSIVE, especially for what you get..

Who is this bow for.?

  • Target shooters in a controlled environment. Yes
  • Would you suggest a new hunter get this bow. NO
  • Would you Suggest a Experienced hunter get this Bow..? Maybe, if he was ground hunting only, too far down to pick your arrows up from a stand when they fall off, and they will. 

How to Fix Arrows from Falling off in the field. 

Option 1 to Fix Arrows Falling Off. Talk about the little rubber gizmo that holds the arrow on. Problem with this set up on this bow, the shelf is so narrow, they arrow is sure to bounce off when you draw the bow back. Probably not something your are gong to be able to finagle with, once you see game coming in towards you. 

Option two : to Fix Arrows from Falling off. Put an ugly bike tube on the handle with a toothpick. That would work. 

Option 3 to fix arrows from falling off, Go with a different Bow. 

  • Would you Buy Direct from Striker or 3 Rivers. Definitely 3 Rivers Archery. They offer fast shipping and I can assure you, three rivers is not going to send the bow out with out a string that fits the bow, even if they have to make the string themselves. 

Customer Service..?

  • How Long did it take to get the correct string from the company.?

I don’t know, it has only been about 6 month since I ordered the bow, I have asked via email and have never received a response. But in their defense, they don’t update the website and they have more import things to do than worry about my string, so it still hasn’t arrived. In saying that. 

  • I also have to say my warranty is void due to the string issue and running a 60X String. 
  • Do I think I need a warranty on the Bow..? NO, it is tough as nails. I don’t think the bow will fall apart or break. 
  • It has essentially survived a dry fire when the Arrow Fell off the shelf as I was trying to shoot it, if it didn’t break then, its probably not going to break. 

A huge Thank you to 60X strings. 


for Helping me be able to hunt with my bow this year, with out the dedication to customer service like 60X has, I would not have been able to get a string so quickly and be able to get out and hunt opening day of Bow Season. 

  • In Conclusion, IS THIS BOW FOR YOU..?
    I cant answer that, I can only be honest about my experience with the bow from the date of purchase until now. 
  • Is the BOW PROVEN, or has a tag been filled using the bow?
    Yes, but it was not an easy task, but when you decide to start hunting with traditional equipment, nothing is easy, otherwise everyone would be doing it. 
  • Challenge yourself, Challenge your equipment, Challenge the Game. 

Oklahoma SelfBow Society, OJAM 202


I wanted to share a quick story with you about the OJAM event being held next week. The Oklahoma Self Bow Society is hosting their annual self bow building even called “OJAM” next week. As for now, the event has not been cancelled due to the corona virus.

As many of you know, I am wanting and planning on building my own bow this year to hunt with. In this video you get to see a glimpse of my first board bow build. I am excited about OJAM and I will keep you all posted as the even draws nearer.

Hope to see you there.

Have a blessed week.

Don’t get Discouraged


We are officially past the first month of the year. There is a multitude of folks who have started the New Years resolutions of getting back in shape for 2020. 

January being the beginning of the year makes sense for a lot of folks. This being a fresh start or a do-over from last year. However it is the heart of winter here in the US. With that being said I am sure there has been many folks who have already experienced weather related issues that didn’t allow them to make it to the gym on their scheduled day. The more this happens the easier it will get to skip tonight’s session as well. 

Then there is the age old problem of the first week or two of stepping on the scale, you are seeing immediate results of a few pounds lost here and there. Eventually you are going to become sore if you haven’t already. Secondary to that you are going to stop seeing as significant results from the scale. 

My good Friend Clay who runs a Health Blog I have linked to in the past has told me. Throw the scales away. He is right. You may stop seeing (scale) results after you have been working out two or three weeks. Don’t let this fool you. I have found the best way to not get discouraged is by checking my clothes. My pants are looser now than when I started. Don’t panic if you are not feeling looseness in your pants or clothes. 

One thing a lot folks don’t think about is the clothing as we layer up with this time of year. I wear thermals from September to March. This always makes my pants feel tighter than they should, since it is an extra layer of clothing. 

So if you start feeling discouraged because of weather related or soreness or the age old excuse of the scale is not showing any more results. Don’t quite now. You have already made a promise to yourself to be in better shape in 2019 or you wouldn’t have made it this far anyhow.  


One thing I absolutely look forward to after my work out is my post work out protein drink. Yes it’s chocolate. I know I am a dork right, well it’s the only chocolate I have had since I started my regular work outs. 

Everyday I have felt like no, I won’t go to the gym, I am perfectly comfortable here in the couch. I have been going anyway, weather permitting. (I didn’t drive to the gym in the ice, I did do what I can at my house though). If there is a will there is a way. Treat yourself to you favorite chocolate post work out shake or whatever flavor you want. 

I can promise you this. Every time I have gone to the gym since I started this, even on the days I thought this is going to suck, I am not feeling it. Bam, I feel better when I am done. 

Another thing to get your mind right, is Remember why you started to begin with. For me, I can look up on my wall. We have pics from hiking trips, deer hunts etc. I got my rear handed to me this past year hunting public land. Hiking two miles back off the public parking areas, carrying my stand etc. I want to be a better hunter, hiker, & husband,  and have a happier healthier life. 

This is just another way for me to stay motivated. I hope you can find the motivation you need. Treat yourself to what you deserve, a healthier you. 

Marmot LimeLight 2P Tent

Marmot Limelite 2P One year review.

We Initially purchased this tent for off road Moto camping. There was several things I like about this tent and I will start a short list below as well as share some of the selling points of this tent and why we chose it.

Most of the Motorcycle trips I took were solo or with a friend. So I only needed a tent for one person but knowing all the gear I wear while riding I needed a larger tent to help with the gear. So the 2 person tent was large enough for me and my gear. And those of you who know me well know I don’t pack light. So that tells you this tent is Roomy enough for me and my gear.

Again I don’t pack light. The top bag on the rear of the seat has all my tent and supplies in it. In this water proof bag I have the tent separated from the Rain Fly and the Foot print along with the poles. When we got to Tenn for March Moto Madness it was raining like crazy. It rained both at the half way stop and the night we rolled into Tenn. By separating the tent from the rain fly it makes it easy to set up with out getting the tent or my gear wet. It also helps with packing. It’s a smaller pack being loaded in the bag like this and not using the bag the tent came with.


  1. Easy One Person set up.
  2. With the (Foot Print) ground cover you can actually set the outer tent up first. Which is extremely important in the rain.
  3. Foot Print included.
  4. Two large doors, one on each side, great for throwing bags, sleeping pads, sleep bags, food etc.
  5. Light weight design but strong materials.
  6. Waterproof for rain etc.
  7. Tent actually feels bigger than it is because of the sidewall design.
  8. Interior pockets for better organization.
  9. Center top clip for hanging flashlights or thermometer.
  10. Aluminum poles. (Strong and light)
  11. Excellent tie out points to hold the tent solid in heavy winds and rain.
  12. Heats easily in cold weather.
  13. Bright Color, makes it easy to set up in low light or darkness.
  14. Large outside vestibule for storing gear.


  1. If you carry as much gear as me and have the room look at the 3P.
  2. After a year of use the outer rain fly leaked enough water, that all my gear, sleeping bag etc was wet after a all day rain) (I am not sure this is normal with most tents)
  3. If you have a large dog this tent won’t be big enough for the both of you and your gear.
  4. Cost $250, a hair high for a small tent.

So in short after a full year of use, actually a little longer, I am pleased with the tent and the choice. Like I mentioned earlier this was initially purchased as a Moto camping tent.

I have used this tent to camp in Tenn, Ohio, and all over Oklahoma. I have used it as a gear tent at base camp deer hunting while sleeping in hammocks. I have used it in several rain storms with no issues other than my recent trip this past October.

In October I was hunting in public land. Not knowing if there would be trees to hang a hammock I have been carrying this tent as a back up option for when there trees won’t allow for hammocks or restrictions against hammocks.

This past October is was a typical fall day in Oklahoma. It started raining slight to moderate rain. All day, the long soaking. When I returned to camp I discovered my tent was soaked in the inside. My sleeping bag was wet , along with the gear and my dog. So to be totally fair with this review I feel I should say my dog was in the tent while I was hunting. She is notorious for leaning or laying on the sidewalls of tents and if you don’t know during the rain if you touch the rain fly it will generally start leaking there. So that is why I listed it as a con, on leaking and not enough room for a large breed dog.

So again in all fairness I need to take it back out in the rain and see if it was the rain fly or my dog that caused the tent to leak. I am leaning on the dog since it didn’t leak on any of my other trips.

As with all my other reviews weather it be a video or a written review, I like to end on a positive note.

Overall I am very pleased with this tent. Even when I had to call my hunting trip short due to all my gear being wet. When I got home I put the tent up in the garage along with all my other gear and dried it out. It is packed back up dry and I intend to keep using it. If it continues to leak I will contact Marmot and see if they can help with the rain fly or suggest a water proofing treatment to use in the rain fly.

For the weight this tent is very strong. It’s light weight and I believe it is actually marketed for back packers. Since you could split the tent up like I did. If you was back packing with a friend one of you could carry the fly and poles and the other carry the foot print and tent. Since my wife and I normally only back pack in wooded area we generally have hammocks for that but it would be a worthy tent for backpacking.

(Image from Marmot)

Low temps, I have only slept in the tent down to the low 40’s and into the high 30’s. The tent warmed up nicely with the morning coffee. I did take a small heater this past fall but it got so hot inside the tent I put the heater right outside the open door and let the cool breeze and heat come into the tent while I was getting dressed for my morning hunts. So I can’t say how it would do in colder or attic temperatures.

(Image from Marmot)

I do love how easy it is to set this tent up. As mentioned earlier I camp a lot solo. Especially off the bike and half of my hunts. So being able to set the tent up by myself is a huge selling point. (A lot of the cheaper versions or larger tents it’s a two man job sitting one up.) I can get this tent set up in less than 5 minutes. I have a system down and with the color being orange it is easy to see even in low light or dark conditions.

I have not camped in the summer in this tent. But the way it is designed you could sleep in the tent bug free with the rain fly off. I should add that to my list of things to do at the off grid cabin locations. The stars are so amazingly bright there that I would think it would be a blessing to lay there at night watching all the stars with no fear of a rattle snake crawling up next to you watching the same view.

With all the bug burn diseases that our country keeps seeing and hearing about I think it’s worth mentioning the strength of the inner tent and the mesh screen material used. It will keep the bugs out, and it has not ripped or torn even with my 100 pound dog laying against it. To mean that say a lot about the strength.

(Image from Marmot)

As you can see in the picture above. The side walls of the tent do come up some. To me this is two fold. It does offer a little more privacy and in high wind with the rain fly on it will keep cold drafts from blowing on you directly and forces the wind up and over you creating a more ventilated rainfly so you don’t have issues with the condensation. I have not had any issues with condensation.

(Image from Marmot)

Who is this tent for.?

  • Hikers, and back packers
  • Minimalist who want a strong light tent
  • Sportsman, Hunters, Fishers,
  • Kayak Campers
  • Small boat campers
  • Canoeing & Camping
  • Outdoorsman in general.
  • Plausible option for survivalist although the color choice for evading others is not ideal. However it is strong enough to take a lot of abuse in a survival situation. So don’t be afraid to load it in your go bag.

In closing I will say I am very happy with this tent. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a nice two man tent. If you do plan to camp with your significant other I would look at the 3 man. I know this is rated as a two person tent. I always have gear back packs etc. some of which I want in the tent. So that is why I suggest the 3P version if you are looking for a tent for you and someone else.

I would also caution anyone camping in heavy rains to make sure nothing is touching the sidewalls or rain fly. I do believe this is why the tent leaked so badly my last hunting trip I used it.

The Marmot LimeLight 2P tent is the tent we chose for our Moto camping trips.

I took this image to show how large the rear vestibule is on the outside of the tent. This is where I would keep the Moto Bags I used to carry the tent and sleeping gear to camp. It is large enough to hold a lid of gear just outside the large rear door.

These are a few images from camp set up in Iowa when we went to the Honda Africa Twin Rally. It was a great trip.

Thanks again for taking the time to read our blog. If you are wanting to order this tent for your or a family member you can click this link to go to the amazon store.

We hope you all have a blessed and happy new year. Thanks again for all your support and May you have a blessed week.


If you have this tent or order one let us know by commenting below. I wish I had a discount code for this tent, but I can say overall it is well worth the money.

Resolutions Over 40


If you have had time to read my previous blog post, you know that I have done a lot of self evaluation on my own general health. In this blog post, I am going to share with you a few of the things I have started doing over the past month as well as give you a report on my progress.  I figured this was as good as time as any, since the New Year is coming in fast and many will be doing new years resolutions.

As mentioned in the earlier post, I got with both Zack and Clay and here is what I was given for a entry level work out plan to not only help my general overall health, but to help burn off some un-needed fat and help build some tone back in my muscles.

I am not writing this blog as a precursor to being a body builder, that is not my plan. In fact, the words I used when talking to both Zack and Clay was this, I would like a good work out to help me get in overall better shape. I do not want to be working out for hours on end, I know I won’t do that, and I am not wanting to compete in body building, just something that will help me hike up and down the public hunting areas and give me more overall strength for hunting and fishing in this great state.

Here is what I have been doing on a every other day work out plan.

Gym Work Out Plan Monday, Wednesday, & Friday So every other Monday I will start with the lower body, then the Upper Body, Keep rotating it so that is is basically every other day if that makes sense. 

Upper Body Work Out
Dumbbell Press.                 3-12
Dumbbell Rows.                  3-12
Lat Pull Downs.                   3-12
Shoulder Dumbbell Press. 3-12
Dumbbell Curls.                  3-12
Dumbbell Triceps Ext.         3-12
Plus 15 Minutes on the Treadmill

Lower Body Workout.
Dumbbell Squats.               4-12
Leg Extensions.                   4-12
Stiff Leg DeadLift.               3-12
Dumbbell Calf Raises.        3-12
Crunches.                             3-20
Back Leg Curls.                    4-12
Plus 15 Minutes on the Treadmill

Notice, there is no weights listed on the plan above, I will say this, don’t overdue it off the bat. My brother Ty knows me and reminded me several times not to over due it, But I did. Start off at your own pace, this is your own goals and most importantly, don’t hurt yourself. That is not the way your want your being a healthier you to go.

I weighed in at the first of December at 214 pounds, I knew I had put on some weight this past year, I found that out the hard way by going to the doctor for my early check up. I was like, no way in Heck am I over 200, but yes, I was.

I have never been successful with new years resolutions and I figured why Put off until tomorrow what I can do today. So I started my being healthier plan the first part of December.

Here is my progress report, This morning Christmas Morning, I weighed myself at 198. Using the same scale periodically that I have been using, Notice I didn’t say daily, that gets discouraging. Looking in the mirror is the best way to see the results, more so than the scale, the scale just reenforces what you should already be seeing.


I can tell you this from working out regularly this month, it is helping, I feel better and I am loosing some weight. I am not where I want to be yet, but I can honestly say I am getting closer.

Let me know what you guys think. If you decide to join me on my journey to a healthier lifestyle let me know how y’all are doing and keep us posted on what you are doing and or learning along your journey. We would love to hear what it working for you and what is not working for you.

I will also say this, 47 years old, recovery time is not the same as 27 or 17. I have noticed some pains in my knees, more than likely not from the work out as much as some jump rope and a few other things I have been doing (there will be another blog on that.) But in the following blogs, I will be sharing some things that are working to help with the odds and ends pains of putting health off too long.

Thanks again , and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Have a blessed week and Merry Christmas

Self Evaluation.


I will start this blog out a little different from the ones in the past. I am going to tell a short story and bring you up to date, especially since it has been a while since we have made a post on here, you know how it is, life, busy, work etc.

As most of you know we have an off grid cabin, down in south eastern Oklahoma. We have done a few videos of it and we absolutely love it down there. I have had a few friends who have expressed an interest in the area, but one of my best friends, and his wife, ended up buying a place down by ours this past spring.

They have been working on a cabin and it has turned out amazing, I will add photos of it later as the blog is not about off grid cabins. It is about health and resolutions.

Spending a great deal of time at or near the off grid cabin this year, we have had plenty of time to enjoy and share the beauty of the mountain together. I am not sure my brother knew he was planting a seed this past summer or not, but he has said more than a few times, we need to keep our health so we can all continue to enjoy this property way after we retire.

I have thought about this statement a lot this year. My mother passed away at the age of 63, with a rare kidney disease. My father who has suffered from depression, diabetes, high blood pressure etc, has had a mild stroke over the past few years and his health is horrible. He struggles to make it to the mail box and back. I offer encouragement to him and don’t go get the mail, he needs to do it on his own.

You may be asking why I would be telling you all this about my family history etc. I figure it is all in line with the seed my brother planted, “we need to keep out health.” I can honestly say, I felt like I was in decent enough shape for a guy in my late 40’s I felt like i was “ok.” It wasn’t until this past fall something hit me.


As most of you know, I am a hunter, bare bow hunter at that. I often will invite guys who have never hunted, or have never got a archery harvest along on some of my hunts. This year was no different. I good friend from work who has never take a archery harvest, joined me for a 4 day hunt on public land.

On the second day of the hunt, my friend Kevin harvested his first deer. We where hunting Public Land in southern Oklahoma. It was more than a mile hike back to where we were hunting. So that essentially meant we would hike back to camp, get the wagon and then come back, load his deer, and drag the deer back to camp. Seams easy enough right? Well as it ends up, after we loaded his deer up, I was having to stop every 600 feet or so and catch my breath. It pretty much got to the point I was almost useless. It reminded me so much of my dad, it really got me to thinking and evaluating my overall health.


So after we got back from deer camp I continued to think about my overall health. Over the past year, I had been walking the dog every day it wasn’t rainy, and we would walk a mile or so, most of the time, I would keep my back pack on just for the added weight for the walk. With all the walking and hiking, it wasn’t enough.

I have a several good friends who are what I would call work out gurus. In fact, one owns a nutrition store and the other is a body builder who has his own blog called Dad Bod Fit. (Link to Clays Blog) I got with both of them to help me get started this past December, towards the later part of hunting season, if not what is normally the end for me and my hunting for the year.

So between the two, I have started a new program to help me not only loose some much needed weight and conditioning training for a busy working guy who is not in the Gym a lot or doesn’t have a lot of time to spend in the gym.

I will keep this post short, and will be doing another post in the new future on how I have changed my routine and working on a healthier me. It will be the next post. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, I figure some of the history would be better on why the following post are coming and why I am adding this all to you who Love the outdoors as much as we do.

I know many of you who follow us are outdoor folks, and do everything from riding motorcycles, to hiking, hunting and fishing. What do you do, if anything to keep yourself healthy, We would love to hear what you are doing as well, so please leave a comment below and let us know.

Thanks again for following Heartland Outdoor Living and may you all have a blessed and happy week.




DIY Hunting Saddle

There is a lot of information out there on building your own hunting saddle, from youtube channels Like G2 outdoors, DIY Sportsman, as well as numerous other resources. I want to spend just a moment of your time and tell you about a Forum with a ton of information as well as users to the forum like the two mentioned above as well as a host of others who are extremely knowledgable, friendly as well as Helpful.

So if you have time, and assuming since you are reading this blog, you are interested in possibly making your own hunting saddle and or interested in learning more about saddle hunting, then I would love to invite you to come check out as well as coin us at www.SaddleHunter.com

I joined this forum a little over a moth ago, it all stemmed after watching the DIY  Sportsman and G2 outdoors on youtube. I decided I might want to give this hunting concept a try this year. Being someone who loves to do some of my own mods and or a crafty person if you will, and enjoys making some of my own gear I thought I would give this a try.

I watched a few videos on how to make a saddle out of a sit drag. The Sit Drag is a commonly used item for some DIY guys to use as the base component of the saddle. Something of interest is the more research you do on this style of hunting, climbing way up in the tree, you will still need to purchase a rock climbing harness for safety reasons. The sit drag will most likely fit and feel like sitting in a swing once up in the tree, since that is essentially what you are doing with it, in the tree.

One of the Key things about the true hunting saddle, is it double as a Hunting Seat as well as a rock climbing Harness if you will, all built together as one solid piece. This not only cuts down on potential weight, but for a hunter it is less stuff to carry off into the field. You can strap it all on as one piece and then you are ready to make your hike off to the tree of your choice.

So after a week of two of research, I decided to make my own and since there was little information, and I didn’t personally know anyone who had a true hunting saddle I could get some rough guess on sizes etc, I just fabbed up one in my head and started to get to work on it.

Here is a few pics of the first one I made.


I used 2″ climbing tubing for the main support of the saddle, as well as the 1″ climbing tubing for the smaller parts of the support system. I was pretty pleased with how this saddle turned out, but it was my first one to make and I knew I wanted one that was camo and this was just a photo type if you will. The second part of this build was I know I love my climbing tree stand and have already ordered a new one for this year. Not knowing how comfortable it might be to hunt out of a saddle, I wanted to try to make my own and see a couple of things for myself. One, is it is safe as they say it is. Does it feel safe up in the tree, and will it work for all day or long day hunts comfortably.

Last week, we went to the off grid cabin location and I took my prototype with me up in the woods along with the Predator Stand made by Tethrd. (video review coming soon). Well the verdict is still not in for me as to my final thoughts on if this will work for all day hunts. I had already ordered some brushed twill camo fabric the next hunting saddle out of. I was able to find it on ETSY.

I came across a thread on the SaddleHunter.com website, and it had a bunch of useful information on specs etc. along with some helpful drawings. I am posting a link to this topic on the forum (Click Here)  The guy who made this thread is one of or the founding members of Tethrd. One of the saddle hunter suppliers located here in the US.

Here is the second prototype of the Saddle. I was able to get it 99% done last night and I wanted to share some of the pics this morning with my friends over at the SaddleHunter.com and this was the easiest way for me to share the pics as well as give them all a huge shoutout.

IMG_5821 2

IMG_5823 2

IMG_5825 2

IMG_5826 2

IMG_5827 2

This is the side view of the saddle, I also made two Bags, One for each side to put the Lineman Belt in one side and the Tree Teather in the Other one. I Also made a Back Brace that has a small piece of closed cell foam in it for comfort as well.


I will be doing some videos on this set up as time allows. I will also try to get some pics of the saddle being worn later on when the wife wakes up.

Again, thanks for taking the time to check out this post about our DYI Hunting Saddle and well as our Blog, I hope you have a blessed week.