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Kicker PRWA 415 Installed.

As many of you know the Jeep Wrangler JKU Willy is not known for its sound system from the factory. In fact, it works fine until you take the top off and drive at speed. After taking the wife on a short trip with just the freedom top off, we both agreed, the stereo system needed an upgrade. IMG_0810.JPEG

After I got home, I started looking for a possible upgraded system to install in our Jeep. I seen everything from 1000 dollar stereo units with GPS etc. It wasn’t until I located the Kicker audio system upgrade, made and dedicated to the Jeep Wrangler that I got excited.


This Kicker PWRA 415 is a vehicle specific Kit that included everything you need to get the best sound our of your Jeep Wrangler. This kit is specific to not only the 4 Door Wrangler, but the 2017 year model as well. Link to this kit we purchased Make sure you order the kit for your specific year model Jeep and the style of jeep 2 door or 4 door.

The Kit includes two amps, that plug directly into the non alpine factory stereo. My guess is this, if you already have the alpine `stereo, you may not be looking for an upgrade anyhow. One amp is for the factory speakers, and one amp is for the 10″ sub that comes in Molded Box to fit behind the passenger seat and locks into the child restraint device so the big sub wont be bouncing around on even the roughest terrain.

It also comes complete with the wiring harness that plugs directly into the factory stereo. Using this plug and play option gives you the confidence to instal this unit yourself with no worries about getting the wires crossed, tracking down the wires to each individual speakers etc.

We received our Kicker Kit and decided to go ahead and replace all 4 of the factory speakers, while we was doing this upgrade to our Jeep, figure go ahead and do it all at once. We purchased the Kicker CSC65 6.5″ speakers to go in the factory sound bar as well as the two speakers at your knee. Link to these speakers.



Image Provided by Kicker – Amazon Link Above.

One thing I will cation you on if you are debating installing this system, If you like it loud with a fair amount of Kick to the base, you may not want to get out of the vehicle. I have even noticed at times, I am wanting to go drive “Belle Star” (Our Jeep) just to listen to the music. We also purchased the little Speaker adapter plate and the Speaker wire adapters, so it would all screw in and pug in directly to the factory mounts and wires. This made the instal that much nicer and since they clip on you will not need to spice wires.



Kicker, has a series of 4 videos dedicated to the installation of this system. We watched  this series of videos the night before we installed our system and again right before we went out into the garage to install it all. The installation went smooth and was not bad on time considering we are not sounds system specialist, we are just folks who love good music. I think it took us about 4 hours to get this unit installed. I will also say since it was a plug and play system that came with all the hardware to install it correctly, it went in and fits like a glove.

I have posted a video on this Product, and my thoughts on it as well. You can view the video on YouTube. By clicking this link. 

We are members of the Red Dirt Jeep Club out of Oklahoma City, so if you ever want to hear what this sound system is like, feel free to meet up with us at one of the scheduled events, or contact us and we will demo it for you.


We recently found an additional speaker upgrade while visiting Extreme Terrain’s Website. The Speaker system we located on their site, comes with One amp,  two enclosures, 2 Kicker Speakers and 2 Kicker Tweeters. I am going to get with my friends and Kicker and see if this is something we can install along with the PWRA 415. I think I may be able to splice into the wires that are going into the Kicker Sub Woofer Amp for the input on this system. I am not sure, but I will keep y’all posted if I can make this work with what we already have installed.


Image from Extreme Terrain Website.


These speakers and enclosures mount to the factory roll bars behind the passenger seats of the Jeep Wrangler JKU, Image from Extreme Terrain Website

I know at this point it is not about need, but how fun would this be to add just a touch more sound to the Jeep, especially on Date Night at the drive in theater.

Initial Review of this System
***** 5 Stars *****

After having this system in our Jeep for a little over two weeks and putting on roughly a thousand miles of riding around and listening to music from our play list I have to say this. The system is very clean and clear sound with some kick to the base. You can still control the amount of base with the factory Base Levels built into the Jeep stereo Head Unit. Using the controls for Base, Treble, Ect, you can control the overall quality of the sound that you desire. Since this entire kit is flashed from the Factory for your Jeep, it is amazing how well the sound quality is inside the vehicle.

I have listened to everything from country, classic, classic rock, to metal head banging music and I am super impressed with the system. It does not have that cheap stereo sound with static and since it is all pre wired to fit, no issues with wire connections etc when on rough surfaces.

It all works better than I had thought it would. I will also go onto say, I am not a Kicker Audio Sponsored channel or blogger. I will say I wish I was, but I have owned Kicker products since I was a kid in school. I have always loved their equipment, I wish I still had my original Kicker box from high school. It was mounted behind my seat of my truck and would rock the entire truck,. Good times ahead with the new system and I will keep you posted as we continue to use this system in our Jeep. I will have to Give this system a 5 Star Rating as it stands right now.

IMG_5264 2.JPG

Thanks again for all the continued support of our online Blog and I hope you all have a blessed week. I would also like to take this time to ask you to follow along, If you like the Jeep and Jeep mods we will be adding more as time allows. I again appreciate you all and I Hope you have a blessed week.




DIY Hunting Saddle

There is a lot of information out there on building your own hunting saddle, from youtube channels Like G2 outdoors, DIY Sportsman, as well as numerous other resources. I want to spend just a moment of your time and tell you about a Forum with a ton of information as well as users to the forum like the two mentioned above as well as a host of others who are extremely knowledgable, friendly as well as Helpful.

So if you have time, and assuming since you are reading this blog, you are interested in possibly making your own hunting saddle and or interested in learning more about saddle hunting, then I would love to invite you to come check out as well as coin us at www.SaddleHunter.com

I joined this forum a little over a moth ago, it all stemmed after watching the DIY  Sportsman and G2 outdoors on youtube. I decided I might want to give this hunting concept a try this year. Being someone who loves to do some of my own mods and or a crafty person if you will, and enjoys making some of my own gear I thought I would give this a try.

I watched a few videos on how to make a saddle out of a sit drag. The Sit Drag is a commonly used item for some DIY guys to use as the base component of the saddle. Something of interest is the more research you do on this style of hunting, climbing way up in the tree, you will still need to purchase a rock climbing harness for safety reasons. The sit drag will most likely fit and feel like sitting in a swing once up in the tree, since that is essentially what you are doing with it, in the tree.

One of the Key things about the true hunting saddle, is it double as a Hunting Seat as well as a rock climbing Harness if you will, all built together as one solid piece. This not only cuts down on potential weight, but for a hunter it is less stuff to carry off into the field. You can strap it all on as one piece and then you are ready to make your hike off to the tree of your choice.

So after a week of two of research, I decided to make my own and since there was little information, and I didn’t personally know anyone who had a true hunting saddle I could get some rough guess on sizes etc, I just fabbed up one in my head and started to get to work on it.

Here is a few pics of the first one I made.


I used 2″ climbing tubing for the main support of the saddle, as well as the 1″ climbing tubing for the smaller parts of the support system. I was pretty pleased with how this saddle turned out, but it was my first one to make and I knew I wanted one that was camo and this was just a photo type if you will. The second part of this build was I know I love my climbing tree stand and have already ordered a new one for this year. Not knowing how comfortable it might be to hunt out of a saddle, I wanted to try to make my own and see a couple of things for myself. One, is it is safe as they say it is. Does it feel safe up in the tree, and will it work for all day or long day hunts comfortably.

Last week, we went to the off grid cabin location and I took my prototype with me up in the woods along with the Predator Stand made by Tethrd. (video review coming soon). Well the verdict is still not in for me as to my final thoughts on if this will work for all day hunts. I had already ordered some brushed twill camo fabric the next hunting saddle out of. I was able to find it on ETSY.

I came across a thread on the SaddleHunter.com website, and it had a bunch of useful information on specs etc. along with some helpful drawings. I am posting a link to this topic on the forum (Click Here)  The guy who made this thread is one of or the founding members of Tethrd. One of the saddle hunter suppliers located here in the US.

Here is the second prototype of the Saddle. I was able to get it 99% done last night and I wanted to share some of the pics this morning with my friends over at the SaddleHunter.com and this was the easiest way for me to share the pics as well as give them all a huge shoutout.

IMG_5821 2

IMG_5823 2

IMG_5825 2

IMG_5826 2

IMG_5827 2

This is the side view of the saddle, I also made two Bags, One for each side to put the Lineman Belt in one side and the Tree Teather in the Other one. I Also made a Back Brace that has a small piece of closed cell foam in it for comfort as well.


I will be doing some videos on this set up as time allows. I will also try to get some pics of the saddle being worn later on when the wife wakes up.

Again, thanks for taking the time to check out this post about our DYI Hunting Saddle and well as our Blog, I hope you have a blessed week.


🌤 Sunset Hurst Texas • 06-03-2017

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Beautiful Texas Sunset On Top Of The Hurst Conference Center In Hurst Texas!

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June 2, 2017

After 2+ years in development, the Nomad Tank Bag and Fatty Tool Roll are finally in stock and available for sale on our website! Also the Backcountry 30 Duffle is back in stock.

We only have limited quantities at the moment. There’s more arriving in 4-6 weeks, but if you want one from this first batch, please order soon (i.e. in the next couple of days). In the meantime we’ll do our best to get additional inventory in the warehouse as soon as possible, including air freight shipments if necessary. The demand in the first 48 hours was well beyond our expectations. We thought we had enough inventory to last a month or two, but instead, 48 hours later, we’d already sold-through 2/3rds of the first delivery. A temporary stockout seems inevitable.

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Mill Pond Park is a spring fed lake with waterfall cascades of rocks landscapes and other plants. 7,000,000 gallons of water pump through this park daily! This park is the pride and joy of San Saba Texas in the heart of the Pecan Capital Of The World.

Mill Pond houses in the middle of Mill Pond Park, this Mill was erected in 1875 by John H (Shorty) Brown. This mill grounded corn meal for Bread and was a cotton gin at one time. It was run by water power supply by San Saba Springs. The San Saba Garden Club meets there on a regular basis now.



Location: https://goo.gl/maps/7LX1q2fyEDy

Route: http://tinyurl.com/SanSabaTrip

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